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Frontpoint or ADT, which home security provider is a better option in 2021?

Frontpoint and ADT are two well-known names in the home security landscape, but how do they compare in a head-to-head battle for dominance?

Read this comprehensive guide to make an informed decision.

The use of technology and automation in home security has made it simple and convenient to look after your home. Keeping your home safe and secure at all times is extremely important to keep your mind at peace. With advanced home security solutions, you can monitor your house even when you are miles away. Moreover, the alert systems incorporated in modern security systems have made it nearly impossible for intruders to step into your home or damage your property from outside.

Both Frontpoint and ADT offer top-notch home security equipment backed by professional monitoring plans, so it is natural for homeowners to get confused when deciding which one to choose.

In this detailed guide, you’ll see the monitoring plans both Frontpoint and ADT offer, as well as how both companies stack up against one another when it comes to features, installation, price, customer service, and more.

We have divided the whole comparison into different categories and then declared a winner in each category. All this, so that you do not have to waste time and effort dissecting every offering of both these brands.

In a rush? Take a look at the infographic below and also read our short verdict to make your mind.

Frontpoint VS ADT Summary Infographic

Short Verdict

Frontpoint is the overall winner as it not only offers more security-related features (and services) in its monitoring plans than ADT but also offers greater flexibility in terms of contract length. Frontpoint’s plans are cheaper than ADT’s. Also, user reviews and ratings reveal that Frontpoint offers better customer service than ADT.

Let’s kick off the detailed comparison.

First, let’s see what’s included in Frontpoint and ADT’s monitoring packages.

What’s Included in Frontpoint’s Monitoring Packages?

Frontpoint is one of the leading vendors in the home security landscape. It offers three tiers of monitoring coverage: Protection, Interactive, and Ultimate.

1. Protection plan

The Protection package is the most basic monitoring plan.

It offers:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: Your security system is professionally monitored round the clock by experienced and skilful staff at Rapid Response – a professional monitoring agency which has offices in New York and California. In case of a break in or any other unprecedented event, you will be immediately contacted.
  • 100% Wireless & Cellular System: The whole system is wire-free and communicates on a cellular network, which means intruders can’t cut wires or try to interrupt your signal.
  • Automated System Checks: Frontpoint systems automatically run self-diagnostic checks every 68 minutes to make sure everything is working as expected, like whether sensors are active or not, etc.
  • Expandable and Portable: You can add quickly add additional features and customize the system according to your needs. Also, if you are moving places, your security devices can be reinstalled with ease and will be up and running in no time.

2. Interactive plan

The interactive package comes with everything included in the Protection plan, plus these useful added benefits:

  • Crash and Smash Protection: If an intruder tries to destroy the control panel, an alert will send regarding a potential intrusion and help will be sent to your house.
  • Location Tracking: Users of the Frontpoint home security system can connect their smartphone to the control panel. This helps in keeping track of everyone’s locations all the time.
  • Remote Access & Control (via the Frontpoint App): The Frontpoint app allows you to control and monitor your home security system from anywhere at any time. The app lets you remotely arm/disarm your system, control and managed a wide range of smart devices, and more.
  • Text and Email Alerts: You can set up alerts to get immediate notifications regarding, for example, changes in the home environment (fire, smoke, water, and carbon monoxide alerts) and intrusion detection.

3. Ultimate plan

The Ultimate plan is the company’s top-tier plan that comes with cutting-edge surveillance technology and sophisticated home security features. It includes everything found in the Interactive plan, plus:

  • Live video monitoring: You can watch live video feeds from indoor/outdoor cameras directly on your smartphone, tablet or laptop, which means you get virtual access to your home no matter when you are.
  • Video/Image History: You can have access to complete historical image/video inventory captured in or around your house.
  • Immediate Motion Alerts: You can automatically receive an instant alert in the form of video clips, text messages or photo snaps whenever the system detects any unwarranted movement in or around your house.
  • Night Vision Capability: The smart security cameras from Frontpoint records videos/images in dark conditions with infrared compatibility.
  • Complete Home Automation: Control lights, smart door locks, and other advanced equipment from anywhere without being physically present.
Frontpoint Monitoring Plans

What’s Included in ADT’s Monitoring Packages?

ADT also offers quality home security equipment with professional monitoring plans. The plans vary based on the sophistication level and the equipment you use for home surveillance. The three ADT home security plans are Traditional, Control, and Video.

1. Traditional plan

The Traditional package is the company’s essential and most basic monitoring plan.

It includes:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: ADT home security systems remain connected with the company’s security headquarters all the time. This means that ADT professionals can monitor your home’s security seven days a week and 365 days a year. It will automatically notify (and dispatch) police, fire, medical staff too.
  • Fire, Carbon Monoxide and Flood Monitoring: ADT detects advanced hazards and informs you as soon as possible.
  • Cellular Connection: The security system alerts ADT monitoring centres via cellular connection instead of relying on a wired network.

2. Control plan

The Control package includes all the features included in the Traditional package, plus:

  • ADT Pulse Smartphone App: With the ADT Pulse app, you are virtually never away from your home. Whether you are on vacation or busy at work, just log in to your ADT smartphone app and get remote access to your home security system. Some of the best uses of ADT pulse include real-time alert messages in case of intrusion and remote control of your appliances, such as lights, locks, and thermostat.
  • Remote Arm/Disarm: You can remotely arm or disarm your system via the ADT app.
  • Email/Text Alerts: You can receive notifications from the sensors directly on your smartphone.

3.  Video plan

If you need to add video surveillance to your ADT home security system, then this package will be ideal for you. The Video package includes everything that’s part of the Control package and adds on video surveillance.

  • Video Surveillance: Using ADT’s video surveillance, you can watch live video feeds of indoor/outdoor cameras as well as doorbell cameras. This allows you to keep an eye on your home and loved ones while being away from home. You can watch live videos and view video alerts on your smartphone, tablet, desktop, and laptop computers.
ADT Monitoring Plans

Overall, both Frontpoint and ADT offer professional monitoring packages along with top-drawer security equipment. However, Frontpoint is the winner in this category as it provides more security-related features (and services) in its monitoring plans than ADT.

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint Vs. ADT: Which Company is Better Regarding Ease of Installation?

Both of Frontpoint and ADT differ significantly when it comes to the installation of their security systems.

Frontpoint provides a convenient Do-It-Yourself (DIY) solution. The installation process simple and does not require any expertise or outside help. Most of the reviews available online reflect the ease of setting up the Frontpoint systems. Overall, the process of installation takes no more than 30 to 45 minutes. There is also no need for complicated wiring or drilling; everything is peel-and-stick (except the doorbell). All components are factory-set to work your security system.

If you need help during installation, there are many videos, guides, FAQs available on the website. You can also make a call and talk to a customer representative to get step-by-step instructions.

Frontpoint guides

Our experience with Frontpoint was fantastic. We were able to get the system up and running in about 30 minutes with no hassle. The process was straightforward, and it beat our initial expectations for ease of installation.

On the other hand, the ADT home security system requires the help of a professional. After you are done with your purchase, an ADT professional will be sent to your home to install the system and configure other security equipment you may have purchased, like additional door/window sensors. You’ll also be briefed about how the system works.

The downside is that you’ll have to pay an extra $99 for expert installation.

Overall, Frontpoint is the winner in this category as most homeowners want something simple and convenient that they can take care of by themselves. The fact that you can uninstall and reset your system whenever you change houses without any additional charges is what makes Frontpoint the winner in this category.

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint Vs. ADT: Which Security Solution is Less Expensive?

Now, let’s make a comparison of the costs associated with Frontpoint and ADT systems.

Here’s how much Frontpoint monitoring plans cost.

Here’s how much ADT monitoring plans costs.

In addition to the monitoring cost, you should also consider the equipment costs

For monitoring plans to work, you’ll also need to purchase equipment from both companies. Frontpoint’s security equipment is manufactured by General Electric, while ADT sources its equipment from Honeywell.

Frontpoint offer six bundled equipment plans to help you save money. Here’s how much each package will cost you.

Frontpoint Packages

Frontpoint also gives you an option to roll the equipment cost into monthly payments, so you don’t have to pay everything upfront. Also, if you sign up for the 36-month contract, you might be able to save up to $300 in discounts. It will significantly reduce the cost of the equipment.

If you want to purchase additional equipment to fully customize your home security system, you can easily place your order on call or online.  However, you need to bear in mind that some equipment only works with certain types of plans. For instance, for the doorbell camera to work, you need to have the “Ultimate” plan.

On the other hand, ADT’s equipment prices are unclear. The company includes the necessary equipment in each plan for an upfront $125 fee (which is the minimum). You can purchase more equipment to ensure your home security system is fully customized and works precisely as you want it to.

All ADT equipment requires professional installation, so you can also expect to pay the “activation fee,” which ranges between $99 to $199 depending on the equipment you choose.

ADT Plans Complete Feature

With Frontpoint, you don’t have to worry about installation or activation fees.

Overall, both companies offer equipment at more or less the same rates, ADT’s monitoring plans are more expensive than Frontpoint’s. Also, there’s no installation or activation fee with Frontpoint.

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint Vs. ADT: Which Company Delivers Better Customer Service?

It’s important for a security provider to offer exceptional customer support.

If there is one thing about Frontpoint that makes it stand out from the rest, it’s got to be customer support. With an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Frontpoint prides itself on providing superior customer service experience. It’s not surprising to see why 94% of Frontpoint customers recommend their home security systems.

The representatives are extremely knowledgeable and are trained to stay patient and not to upsell useless stuff that you don’t need. The sales process is seamless and stress-free.

On Trustpilot – which is a popular review website — Frontpoint boasts an impressive 9.4/10 rating, which is awarded by thousands of real customers.

Frontpoint reviews on TrustPilot

Frontpoint also has an impressive 4.4/5 rating on cusumeraffairs.com, which is another reputable independent website.

ADT also maintains an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB), but its customer service has down the hill in recent years. It continues to suffer from a high number of dissatisfied customers and complaints. Some of the reasons are pushy sales representatives, lack of transparency in cost structure, strict contract policies, and long contracts.

On Trustpilot, ADT’s rating is 6/10. On cusmeraffairs.com, ADT maintains an overall rating of 3.9/5.

ADT Review on TrustPilot

Overall, it can be said that Frontpoint is miles ahead of ADT regarding customer service.

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint Vs. ADT: Which Company Offers Better Contracts?

Another critical point to consider is the length of the contract.

Both Frontpoint and ADT require you to sign a contract. It’s not a big deal considering that most people use the same home security system for many years. Also, contracts help you get discounts on equipment, so you don’t have to pay all the money upfront.

With Frontpoint, you can choose either one- or three-year monitoring contract. If you go for a three-year contract, you get a considerable discount on equipment. However, a short deal might be the best option in certain scenarios.

Frontpoint Contract

On the other hand, ADT does not give you a choice to sign a shorter 12-month contract; you only have the option of a three-year contract.

ADT Guarantees

Frontpoint emerges as the winner in this category, too, as it offers the option of a shorter 12-month contract.

Winner: Frontpoint

Frontpoint Vs. ADT: Which Company is More Popular?

Now, let’s see which of the two home security companies is more popular.

Both Frontpoint and ADT are well-known names in the home security arena, but no security company can beat the popularity of ADT, which has been around for over 140 years. Based in Boca Raton, Florida, ADT is currently the largest home security provider in the US and Canada, serving more than 8 million residential and business customers.

Frontpoint, which started nearly a decade ago, has quickly established itself as one of the leading names in the growing home security market. It has come a long way in a relatively short span of time and is – undoubtedly — one of the fastest growing home security companies in the US. However, Frontpoint is still way behind ADT in terms of market share and popularity.

Overall, it can be comfortably said that ADT captures a bigger market share than Frontpoint.

Winner: ADT

Final Thoughts

Both Frontpoint and ADT are top names in the growing home security market. If you don’t mind self-installation, we highly recommend Frontpoint. It offers top-notch security equipment, reasonable monitoring packages, and excellent customer service. Also, Frontpoint gives flexibility to its customers through 12- and 36-month contracts.

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